About Me

Why are we here?

IMG_2435I guess this website started about 20 years ago with an innocent enough question from my son,” Can I have a remote control car for Christmas?” After thinking about it, it seemed to be a reasonable enough request, so the deal was done and the car given as a Christmas present.

Months  later,  after just about driving the wheels off the old Tandy car my son  entered his first  RC car race at the local school. That race won, the thirst for further conquest began. We (well 4 out of the 5 in our family did –mum did as all mums do, watched and offered encouragement)  joined a local Radio Control car club and began our racing careers with an old  Tamiya  Hornet, Manta Ray, Avante and a Madcap.

Years passed, cars were constantly updated, motors, ESCs (Speed Controls) and radio gear updated again and again. Heaps of money spent, trips all over Australia undertaken and much fun had. About this time I started sourcing hard to get parts and hop ups from overseas and started helping out a few friends with parts.

I suspected that the local hobby shops were adding huge margins to the cost of parts, profiteering. I was then offered a job in a hobby shop and realized that my suspicions were correct. There were large profits (too large) being made on radio control cars and parts.

DP-0008BUA year or so after this (about 8 years ago) I opened an Ebay store selling Yeah Racing and Topcad parts and hop ups for mainly Tamiya RC cars. My motto at that time was influenced by the prices I had seen at the local hobby shops. My motto became “the cheapest prices possible”. I felt I couldn’t stand by and watch RC car enthusiasts be “ripped off”. So things went on for about 8 years.

This website is the logical progression in that story. I feel I can now control my own destiny and offer parts and accessories for Tamiya, HPI, Sakura, 3Racing and Axial cars at about the cheapest prices in Australia offered by an Australian seller.

Yes I’m an Aussie based in country NSW, paying GST, taxes, wages and overheads in Australia, helping to keep some of our money in Australia, working for Australia, not the Chinese economy.

Please come back often as I intend to grow this “store” and will constantly be offering more and the latest bargains.