Yeah Racing hi performance motor brushes.


Yeah Racing hi performance motor brushes.


Motor brushes

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For sale is a new unopened packet containing 2 pairs of Yeah hi performance brushes for rebuildable brushed motors.

Item for sale is as per the pics above, the pictures below are for reference only and may contain items not for sale in this ad.


This is Yeah Racing Performance Motor Brush. Motor brushes wear out over time resulting in decreased motor performance. Spraying out the motor with motor cleaner and installing new brushes can help maintain the performance of a brushed motor. Yeah Racing exquisitely use the premium quality of compound for this product. Compound is carefully formulated to achieve both great performance and durability. Also these brushes used the heat treatment in the production process. These brushes is also sintered for its optimal performance. These brushes are intended to use with high quality brushed motor such as Hackmoto v2.

Note -rebuildable brushed motors in general use two types of brushes-lay down and stand up. These are stand up type-see pics below and you’ll get the idea – it’s to do with the way the brushes contact the comm-lay down brushes virtually run at 90 degrees to stand ups.

For best performance and longest life new brushes should always be fitted to motors that have a trued and round comm.

Part # YA-0415